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Five tips to keep the peace with your housemates

Not to sound like a pessimist, but when you decide to live with someone there are bound to be pitfalls. Think about it, even with your own family. I’m sure you’ve argued or even fought with your parents or siblings. Especially with your siblings. It’s not rocket science that befriending someone and living with them is a world apart. When you live together each persons’ flaws become apparent, you’re in each others’ personal space, and clashes are more likely. Here are five tips to try and keep the peace with your new housemates.

Why a politics degree is underrated

Acquaintance: Oh you’re at Warwick now? What do you study? Me: Yeah, I do Politics with International Relations. Acquaintance: Politics? How come? Do you want to be the next prime minister? (Or insert some other clichéd joke.) Me: * Cringe on the inside. * Well, politics isn’t really about current affairs as such. You don’t necessarily learn ‘content’ that you can use in a particular career path like you do in medicine or engineering. It’s more the skills you gain from the course- critical th
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Thailand: Time To Look At The Bigger Picture?

Over the last decade, Thailand has fallen prey to a vicious circle of political turmoil with society effectively polarised between two groups. The ‘red shirts’, on one hand, comprising of poor farmers from the rural areas in the North and Northeast region, are pitted against the ‘yellow shirts’, which are mainly middle-class urbanites from Bangkok. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted due to corruption charges and scandals, but he has continued to be the de facto ruler through hi

How to survive your summer away from uni

University is not just an institution of higher education but also a mechanism by which a bunch of naïve and sheltered teenagers are churned out into mature and responsible adults (well, okay maybe ‘mature’ and ‘responsible’ is taking it too far, but you get the gist of it). Looking back at my own transformation, I’m amazed with the progress I’ve made so far. I remember arriving at university as a clueless fresher and being bombarded with the realities of adulthood. It wasn’t a bed of roses but
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Warwick protesters call for BP archives to be removed from campus

Tireless campaigners have petitioned the chancellor to shut down a BP archive based in the campus library. An eight-week campaign is being run by the protesters, who earlier this summer persuaded the academic board to stop investing in coal, gas and oil companies. Members of pressure group Fossil Free Warwick are now calling for a “total disengagement policy” when it comes to BP, as the fossil fuel giant have moved away from investing in renewables. Leah Lapautre, a member of the group Fossil